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Parent Portal is an exciting feature of Purple Mash which allows parents/carers to gain insight into their child's learning on Purple Mash. They can easily see all the activities associated with their child, including any rewards or approved work to display boards and blogs. Furthermore, they can see any 2Dos set and the status of their progress against the set 2Dos. A child may wish to share a piece of work with their parent, this too can easily be accessed via Parent Portal.


All login cards which are printed for pupils will have a Parent Code field on them. All parents need to do is use the URL on the login card along with the Parent Code to register for access to Parent Portal. Each child can have a maximum of four 'Parents' associated with them. At any point, a Parent can be disassociated/removed from a child's account.

Parent Portal Login Card

When they reach the URL page, they will need to select 'Register as a parent'.

Parent Portal Register as a Parent


Once the parents have successfully registered, they will receive a 'Welcome Email' with an 'Activation Link'.

Parent Portal familiarisation

Parent Portal Activity Screen


The Activity Stream shows all the activities associated with a child, with most recent showing first. Activity Stream shows: 2Dos set and handed in, approved work for display boards or blogs, rewards given, shared work and commented work.


The 2Dos tab enables parents to see any work 'set' or 'In Progress' as well as any 2Dos 'Handed in'. Parents can click on the 'Handed In' tab and view comments and rewards given for individual pieces of work. Additionally, they can delve deeper and look at an individual piece of work.


Any work that a teacher has commented on will appear here as well as any work that a child has wished to share with their parent.


This section contains a useful 'Welcome' video and 'How to' video for parents.

Access Pupil View

Parents are able to see a Pupil View of Purple Mash, this is particularly helpful if a parent wishes to work with their child on a task or in the unfortunate event that a child has temporarily misplaced their login card. Parents will be prompted with a password screen which will ask for their Parent Portal password they would have created at registration.

My Account

Parents can update their details here and choose to opt out of 'Weekly Digest Emails'.


If a parent clicks on the name of their child they will have the option to select another child they are associated with.

Weekly Digest Emails

Weekly Digest Emails provide parents with a breakdown of activities their child has been involved in (an example of this can be seen on the following page). These emails are sent to the email address used by the parent to register for Parent Portal.

Parent Portal Weekly Digest Email 2