2Dos for Pupils

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Any pupil who is assigned a 2Do will see it within the 2Dos tab on the Purple Mash homepage.

When the pupil clicks on this tab, they will see a list of all the 2Dos they have been set by their Teachers.


The 2Dos will be in "due date" order. Any 2Do with a recorded instruction will have a speaker symbol next to the title.  The pupil can click on the speaker to hear the instruction.


Completed 2Dos will appear in this tab.



To complete a 2Do:

Step 1:  Pupil should click on the clip0107button.  This will take them to the work that needs to be completed.

Step 2:  Complete the work.  When the pupil has completed the work, they should save it. This will save the work into a folder called 2Dos for the Teacher to mark.  Pupils can only see their completed assignments within the 2Dos application.

Step 3: Once a pupil has saved their work, they can continue working on their 2Do by pressing clip0108 or play again if it is a game by pressing Image 7 - 2Do 2020. Any games automatically submit scores to the 'Data Dashboard'.


Pupils can hand in their work by pressing clip0110.

Important- There are some activities in Purple Mash, such as 2Simulate, Maths City and Simple City, which are exploratory. This type of activity does not save a file, it is not possible to hand this in. These activities do not have a ‘hand in’ button.

Pupils can add a typed comment and an audio comment for the teacher when they click the button.  Once a piece of work has been handed in, it can no longer be changed by the pupil.


Step 4: Once a piece of work has been handed in, it will move to the 'Done List' clip0112.  Pupils can click on the clip0113button to view their work or save it to "Online Work".

If, for example, the work handed in is a writing activity, the pupil will be able to view the actual piece of work. If the work handed in is a game, which only submits scores, then it will open a ‘Scores Certificate’ file.


Step 5: When the teacher who set the 2Do has marked the work, students will receive a notification telling them that their work has been marked. Comments will show under the 2Do.

You are done!