How to generate Parent Codes

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As previously mentioned, Parent Codes are automatically generated for each pupil. It is possible, however to generate a new Parent Code for each pupil.

If you choose to generate a new Parent Code for a pupil, the previous Parent Code will no longer be useable for any new registrations.

Generating Parent Codes In Pupils Area

Select the pupils you wish to generate a new 'Parent Code' for and the click on the purple menu button menu button selecting 'Generate Parent Codes' from the list.

Parent Portal Parent Codes


It is possible to also generate a new 'Parent Code' in an individual pupil's record by selecting a pupil and clicking on the 'Edit' button. In the 'Edit Pupil' screen click on the 'Generate' button next to the Parent Code field. Here a new Parent Code will be generated with a message to confirm this is the case.


Parent portal pupil edit mode