How to create login cards and export data for a class

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The following video will show you how to create login cards. You can also scroll down for a step-by-step guide.

Step by step guide

Click 'Classes' on the left-hand menu.

Select the class you wish to export data for.

Click on the blue 'Export' button.


There are two options for exporting pupil data:

1.You can produce login cards for your pupils containing their usernames and passwords.
2.You can produce an Excel document

To create a PDF of login cards for pupils.

Check that Export type is set to PDF login cards and click OK.


The system will generate a pdf file which you can open, save and print


If any passwords are picture passwords, the login cards will produce the appropriate images as well as the four numbers.

To export the data as an excel file.

Check that Export type is set to Excel list login cards and click OK.


An Excel file will be created by the system and saved in your downloads folder on your computer. This is usually visible on the bottom lefthand corner of your screen