X Mansion Firework Safety

If your cloths catch fier stop dont run drop to the grownd and roll over.
Dont give a sparkler to a child who is under 5 years old.
Dont throw anything at a firework.
Dont put a sparkler in peoples faces.
Dont run with a sparkler
if you find a sparkler dont pick it up.
When your sparkler has ran out put it in a bucket of water.
never throw ennythink at a firework.
Dont play with a sparkler.
stand back when a firework is about to shoot up into the sky.
Never pick up a sparkler beacause it still mite be burning hot.
noone onder  18 shud lite firework,s.
dont go near a firework

keep pets in doors.

Dont stick your hand in a firework.
Do not ever hold a sparkler under five.
stand away from firework inkas it gose by you.
stand back from bonfire