y3Batcave Firewwork Safety

wen you  dun wid the sparkler put in a buct of wrote.
when you have a bom fier keep it a waey from a House.
Dont toch a fier worc it collde be aspiosif.
you carnt yoos a sparcle under a Je five.
dont froenthinc at a fire work.
wen you ar liting a fire worc 
if you find a firewwenk Dont mess with them.
wen you are finsh with    a sparkler put it in a bucit of water.
wen  you are finsh  with  a  sparkler put it in a bucit of wute.

Wen you are dooin firworks ceep pets at Home.

downt frow food at a fire work.

when  you  have  a   fiewor   in  .   
Dont fro eneefink in a bomfia.