Asgard Firework Safety

stand well back when a fierwork is explodeing.
if your clothes  cach fier STOP don't run  DROP to the ground ROII OVER to put the flams out.

never run with sparklers.
don't gith a sparkler to a child under 5.

Dont give a sparkler to eneone ho is under five.

If you have a fire work if you wont to lite allways ask a gronup to lite it but never lite your self.

Dont tuch fire works beacas you cud bern your self.
if you rite your name  at somonname with a sparkler you must keep your belongings inside.
never frow a sparkler at someone.

if a adolt lites bomfire you must stand a far disant.

Do not ever give a sparklla to someone under 5.

dont throw anything at a fireworks.

hold a sparkler away from your hands.

when you have finished with a sparkler put it in a bukit of warter.

you billd your bombfire with somthing that will stand it up.

Sdand a far disdins wen a firework is going off.

Never throw enythink at a bonfire.

Wen you have finished with .

a sparkeler put them in a cold bukcit.

Do not ever go to close to a firework.Never put your hand on a bom fire.

if clothes cach fire stop dont run.

hold a sparkerler awaw from you and other poeple.